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wanna dog collar?

Are you looking for a really cool present for the dog-lover in your family?

Locatis-pet.com: Christmas Specials has Checkered leads and Collars that are so pretty! I’m sending a set to my father-in-law with a book about dogs.

This is my brother’s site, and part of my family’s business. smile So if you want something like this but for cats or different colors or anything special, I have a feeling I could get you set up (I have a lot of other pictures to put up!). smile


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Every now and then I toy with the idea of getting a lead for Maddy. I’m quite sure my cat would love to go for a walk around the park with me! laughing

Yeah, it really surprises me how many people *do* get leads for their cats. laughing

I don’t have a dog, and I doubt my cat would let me put a collar on him - but I was still curiious. How much are they? I couldn’t find a price on the specials page. Am I just going blind? ;)

Ahh, you are right, the prices were only listed on each individual items page—I updated the Specials page now. A small set is 10.99 and the large set is 18.99.
Thanks for asking! smile That was something I shoulda put up the first time. smile

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