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This is just so cool! Make A Flake lets you use flash scissors and cut out your own snowflake. smile I had a lot of fun playing with it!

click for large version

I cheated a bit and brought it into photoshop to make it not look so jaggedy, but the design was all done by the snowflake maker and my talented little snowflake hands. :giggle:

Have fun! smile


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Kristine.. I can’t post comments sad

Oh good! It went through. Third time’s a charm smile

Neat snowflake! laughing

testing, testing smile

What a great time waster...thanks for the site.

Thanks for the link. Make-a-Flake has become one of our most popular sites ever.

Thought you might like we just added a feature that lets you turn your flakes into a custom art stamp. We thought it was a fun experiment in bridging the online and offline worlds.

Mark Logan
lookandfeel new media

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