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tnt thursdays

Note to self... instead of getting super annoyed at TNT for putting basketball on every Thursday instead of the primetime in the daytime lineup, check out the schedule. This year, they are putting the regularly scheduled Charmed and Angel on at 10 and 11 instead of at random times in the middle of the night like they did last year.

Since there are so many Angels in season 1 and 2 that I never saw, I’ve been trying to see them all in order. But a few days of forgetting to put the video in to tape it and a few thursdays have made me miss a few. Hence the need for the reminder! E’s taping cartoons at this time of the day normally, so I actually went downstairs and popped a tape in for Angel just now.

End of silly note to self. laughing


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I’ve started taping the Charmed that comes on daily at 5 CST on TNT. I only started watching last season, so I’m hoping to watch as many of the old ones as I can...where Prue was still alive. I watch the current episodes when they are on Sundays at 7 CST.

i’ve got angel season 1 and 2 on DVD but i haven’t really watched them all that much.. i think i’m holding out for a rainy day or chilly day marathon. i love Queen Cordy!

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