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Thanks miss m'lissa ... I spent a whole lot of time playing Joggle tonight. laughing

She didn’t link to that specific game, but I played Flash Tiles that she recommended the other day for quite some time, and then found my way back to their list of Free Online games, where I found Joggle. Joggle is like Boggle. And I’m apparently not nearly as good as I thought at it. But it didn’t stop me from getting hooked on it all evening. LOL!


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For instant Boggle skills, try this cheat utility. I don’t use it when I’m playing a game, but I do use it after to see all the cool words I always miss. blush

I’m loving it, I’m loving it, I’m loooving it! It’s lovely. flower

I’m loving it, I’m loving it, I’m loooving it! It’s lovely. flower

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