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happy day

I actually have felt better today than I have in a long time. I gave in and took some extra drugs last night (which is okay, I have 40 for the month, so when I’m really tired, I take an extra... but I’d been trying to save $ so I hadn’t been taking any extra) It let me sleep longer and I didn’t dream as much, and I must have needed that. I got some housework and laundry done, and even some client work.

[Listening to:Poe - Haunted (0:-1) ::Haunted::]

I think that my brother and Sarah and Leah are gonna come over tomorrow to take some more pictures of dog collars for his site. So I think I’m gonna make Spinach Casserole, and if my energy holds out, I really want to try Donna’s cookies. Stuff is generally clean in the house, so that will make things easier.

I found that my sister Megan had snuck a present for me in my purse yesterday - she found me a pair of really comfy bright blue scrubs from somewhere (probably a pile in the hospital... I don’t think I’ll wear them there just in case. laughing ). I am gonna be stylin' now! (She keeps teasing me because she gets to have a job where she can wear her PJs to work. LOL, so do I!)

Lisa had an accident today with my her car. Poor silver honda. Lisa’s okay, but she really shouldn’t have been driving because she’s on percaset/vicodin because she broke her toe on friday playing with the dog (she kicked the wall instead of his toy. oops). Leonard said that she was totally slow in her speech when she stopped to tell him.

[Listening to:Jonatha Brooke - Walking (0:-1) ::Steady Pull::] Jonatha always makes me think of cori for some reason. smile

The Stargates that were on tonight were good, and Las Vegas was hilarious. We laughed a lot! For some reason, the Stargate episode There But For the Grace of God amazes me every time. smile

[Listening to: Tara MacLean - La Tempete (3:51) ::::]

I feel happy. Blessed. smile

[Listening to:Melissa Ferrick - Drive (0:-1) ::Freedom::]

I keep having such great music selections come up on my screen, and then randomly fliping pages on my browser and slowly come back to type. So its past my bedtime now.

And on that note, I say goodnight. smile


Not a very good week for silver Hondas, is it? But those cookies will more than make up for it, I promise!