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Its still really cold - 36° right now. Brr!

Today was a good day, with a visit to my parents house and seeing all of my siblings, and Leah too. Good soup and got to meet my sisters suite-mate Andrea.

Words just don’t seem to be coming out of my fingers. I’ve sat here for 20 minutes with this screen open, and while I’m watching a bit of TV in the background, I don’t seem to be inspired to write. Good thing I’m not participating in nanowrimo, huh?! ;) I did answer quite a few questions on the MT forums , so my evening hasn’t been a complete loss. smile

Cold pop cans (from my purse that I meant to drink hours ago) work nice as a numbing object for my sore jaw. Not too cold, but cold enough to take a bit of the pain away. I’m really trying to figure out why I’m grinding my teeth (bruxism) more than before, as I don’t feel more stressed than the last months. So I’m gonna do some research but a $350-700 mouth guard doesn’t seem like too great of an option, especially since I breath through my mouth better (I’ve always had nose problems) and don’t need anything restricting that.

I’m happy to be starting a new week, where I can attempt productiveness again. smile


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Okay, so that looks like I meant it was minus 36 degrees. Nope, just 36, sorry! ha ha!

Haha! I was thinking that it was minus 36 degrees at first too! I was going to be "damn, that’s really cold!!!"

check out this mouthguard. you make it yourself basically and it is pretty similar to what you get from the dentist at a fraction of the price. it would at least let you know if you can handle weating a mouth guard while you sleep.

Kristine, you seem like someone who would like to participate in the Ornament Exchange. Signups are this weekend! It would be a good pick me up. smile

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