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Trotts make Headline

Ben and Mena’s Appearance on CNN’s Headline News - talking about TypePad. Although I heard about it too late to actually see the brief interview, Mena has a quicktime movie up at so you can see how cute they are. Oh, and learn more about TypePad wink

I’m always so excited to see them getting time in the press. smile The first time I remember seeing them was on TechTV, and Robyn sent me the tape because theredkitchen was mentioned. That was when MT 2.0 was going to be coming out... we’ve come a long way since then!!! smile Its great to feel so connected to MT and the SixApart team even after all this time. I’m very proud of the people who have helped in making TP and MT a reality. smile

[via Six Log and MovableBlog Asides for the movie link]


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That is so cool! Mena looked wonderful. I’m so happy for them. smile

uh, huh huh huh. you said TP.


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