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At what point does imitation stop being flattering and start feeling like being ripped off? What about when its not an exact copy, but a reflection?

Giving freely of my code suggestions is one thing. Having a whole idea imitated is another.

Originality is key, dontcha think?


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uh-oh. sorry you’re feeling ripped off. sad

Absolutely! sad

I hate that some people just don’t get that. No matter how plainly you put it, they just don’t understand. Maybe you should put "secret" messages in your source... "DON’T COPY THIS" "MAKE YOUR OWN" "BE AN INDIVIDUAL. CREATE YOUR OWN."... stuff like that. ;)


I would love to know your secret, because designing web pages is not as easy as it looks. And sorry about your designs being copied without your permission.

Melissa’s idea is interesting, but I don’t think it would be very effective. The comments could be easily removed, and if somebody is determined to steal ideas, they’re going to regardless of whether you insult them or not. It’s frustrating!

That is so true.

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