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good weekend!

What a great weekend I had! Saturday, we spend much of the day at my parents house, after a trip to a different bank to switch our account over to them. It was so hot that we decided to watch a movie there with the air conditioning. Leonard and Sarah and E and I went to pick out the movie, and instantly when we drove up to the video store, I saw the poster for The Core and was so excited! That was one of those movies that I really wanted to be able to site in a theater long enough to see it! So everyone else was agreeable to that choice, and we all sprawled all over the floor and had popcorn and it was great fun.

[Listening to:Poe - Amazed (0:-1) ::Haunted::]

Came home and E went to bed and I worked on my big client project I’m trying to finish.

[Listening to:Beth Orton - She Cries Your Name (0:-1) ::The Female Touch::]

Then today, we cleaned up the house a bit - E vacuumed and I picked up and did a few things here and there. And then Leonard and Sarah and Leah showed up to work on L’s business cards here. I drew the logo from his sketches and it turned out so nice. I looked on the web for any other fonts that looked similar to Copperplate Bold but more unique, but it was his favorite, and it really does look sharp. So we got him set up with a pile of cards and a letterhead format, so he’ll be set for his class this week. Leah fussed a bit, but got a nap in while we worked. And then they took us out for dinner to The Spaghetti Factory—they’d never been before, and who better to guide them to the Spaghetti than us experts??! Leah had only been to a restaurant once, on Leonard’s birthday (she was 2 months then), so we asked for a corner area in case she needed to be rocked—she really has a thing about liking rocking with the whole body - swinging or on her tummy over one of our arms. We took turns eating and rocking, because she was pretty fussy. But it was all good, a happy dinner, and when we left, she had calmed down and was smiling again.

Her new talent is finding things to suck on—if her head is near a hand or an arm, she’ll turn herself until she can shove it into her mouth! She’s pretty happy when her own fingers are in her mouth and tries to even put her whole hand in there too. Chewing on fingers is just as nice as sucking to her - and when she gets teeth, she’s gonna be vicious - already, its a pretty strong chomp!

I am quite the proud Aunt, can you tell? Yesterday, I rocked her to sleep in my arms and she stayed sleeping for quite a while - my left arm is getting stronger; it was kinda sore after last time I held her for over an hour, but this weekend it wasn’t nearly as tender.

I’m supposed to be finishing up my client project now, but I ran out of energy. I did a bunch of stuff and I still have tomorrow, so I think I’ll go to sleep a bit early since I didn’t get a nap today.

Can somebody lend me a few hours so I can get caught up on my blog reading/newsgroups? That’d be great, thanks wink Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite! :ladybug:


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Whoa—you had a busy weekend! Hope you feel even better this week...

You had a project to work on too, hey? Same here. It’s 3:30 AM now and I’m still working on it. Probably will keep me up all night. I don’t *have* to have it done for tomorrow but I *want* to show my clients tomorrow. So I’m pushing myself.

Glad you had a good weekend smile

I’m glad your weekend went so well! smile

Sounds like a great weekend. Playing with babies is so great.

sounds like you are doing so so well! i can’t believe all the stuff you did the other day. amazing! are things picking up for you a little health wise? sure seems that way. it also sounds like leah has breathed new life into all of you guys. how wonderful! smile

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