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hummer and stuff

Yes, I’m a hummer. I hum along with the music as it plays in the background. Megan is a whistler, she whistles along with everything. I thought of that while E was playing his music this evening, and I realized I was humming along. Of course, because I spent so many years as an alto, I don’t always hum along with the melody, I tend to gravitate to the harmony.

[humming along to:Various Artists - Travis / More than Us (0:-1) ::Roswell::] music

E found a new game to install for me - Settlers IV - but unfortunately, my graphic card again didn’t do well with it (which was the problem with Rise of Nations). So he ordered me a new graphics card smile Its not top of the line or anything, but its considerably better than my current one. Yay!

[Listening to:Avril Lavigne - Too Much To Ask (4:28) ::Let Go::]

I’m working on a major client job. Actually, its something I’m finishing up from almost a year ago. So that’s gonna be taking much of my time for the rest of the month. I’m really proud of how its turning out, though. smile

I can hear more out of my ear today! That’s a nice thing, mid-General Hospital, it popped and I could hear what they were saying with much more clarity.

[Listening to:Vanessa Carlton - Paint It Black (3:30) ::Be Not Nobody::]

Its been a tough week on the MT forums - we’ve had more difficult people than usual, and that takes a bit more time to care for properly.

Time to go do some fun things between working. Hopefully I’ll get around to finishing the projects for my site I’m working on, too. smile No stress, just breathing and working on fun things! smile


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It has been a tough week, really, hasn’t it. I swear I’ve never told so many to be patient before! And I wasn’t even there most of the time. It’s made all the grateful people SO much more appreciative! laughing

p.s. What have you done to yoru smilies? They won’t click for me anymore in Opera. I’m sure they used to work! sad

Where is she in the mt forums ? I would have thought that one of you girls - girlie, kdlb, maddy, nammer (sorry don’t know ure real names !) would have written the book considering the amount of helping u do there !

I always have issues with ATI video cards. I don’t know what your new one is, but I wish you much gaming happiness together!!

me too! i hum! i cackle. i do whatever but definitely make noise!

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