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wacom new stuff

Wacom Introduces Graphire3 Pen Tablet, Lowers Intuos2 Price

Wacom has updated its Graphire line of pen, tablet, and mouse combos. The new Graphire3 now comes in two sizes--4x5 or 6x8. It features an integrated pen compartment in addition to a separate pen stand, and supports the handwriting and inking capabilities of Microsoft Office XP and Apple Inkwell. In addition, Wacom is reducing the price of its Intuos2 Platinum 6x8 professional pen tablet.

Woo!! I’ve had my eye on a new tablet for a while now, and seeing the price come down makes me happy! I’m pretty sure that I’m gonna get an Intuos next (I have a graphire 2 right now). The pen is getting worn out on it, and the overlay is a bit scrapped up from so much use. I’ve SO gotten my moneys worth out of it. The Intuos is the next step up, and has a nicer pen and programmable buttons at the top. Plus, I’d get the next largest size, and I think that might be nice. And this new model is silver. smile Look, Amazon’s got the Intuos2 for even cheaper than Wacom. Neato!

I had no idea that Wacom’s headquarters is less than 5 miles from my house. Although I did notice the other day that one of the cars in our neighborhood had a Wacom decal on their back window, and I wondered why!


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