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sore but happy

I went and worked out with mom and megan this afternoon - I was already kinda sore from the last two days that I’d been doing too much, but I feel good that I got to go. I also got to go with mom to her college bookstore to get some of her books for next quarter - she’s taking Microbiology, Psyc, and Math, and the books are all so spendy! Of course, her tuition is a fraction of what it was when I went to college, but still! I love college stores. There’s always such a great selection of fun cheap things. I couldn’t help it, I bought two markers and a new mechanical pencil. :giggle: Sarah is taking an evening class at the college this next quarter, too. Its weird to think that I’m one of the few people in our family that’s NOT in school! Its so hot. At least it was cooler at the gym and then the restaurant afterwards. That was 100 times better than my office room!


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