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webmaster title

What is a Webmaster? - Part 2
There are many titles for the work that Web developers do to build and maintain Web pages.
—interesting article and thoughts. I tend to call myself a Web Developer, because Web Designers focus more on the actual look than the coding, and Webmaster sounds more like the person who configures your server. Definitely personal preference, and its interesting to look at what others say about it. Its interesting to look at this authors list of items to be proficient in to be considered a Web Developer. I have 2 of the classifications down really really well: HTML and Graphic program mastery). My Server side programming is very good. Database knowledge is good; I’ve got MySQL select statements figured out, and understand the concepts. My CGI programming is fair to good; more towards the end of implementing and debugging than actual coding, but 100% more than I could understand last year. My writing ability is probably okay, but its not great. So I’d say that counts as over two proficiencies to be able to consider myself a web developer. :giggle: There’s quite a bit more along this same idea in I’ve Learned HTML, What’s Next?. Really worth checking out if you are interested in this stuff. smile Speaking of all of this, I *really* need to update my portfolio. When can I have a secretary to help with all these things I really need to do??! ;)


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