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css wish list

Designer Wish List:

Why aren’t a few designers involved in building a language meant for style?
Dave has some great requests here.

I have several thoughts that I’d like implemented. Already in process are the border properties would really enhance designs. And the Multi-column layout properties would really enhance text. And then I’d really like some enhancement to how typefaces are handled (but mainly I’d like more fonts to be automatically loaded onto everyones computers so I had more to choose from ;) ).

I’ll have to think about this some more and maybe comment on Dave’s post - I’m sure there are more original thoughts traveling through my brain that might be worth mentioning!!! smile


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FYI, I’m getting dropped back to the "Story" skin again. When I select "G is for Gray" it gives me back the "girly" color scheme, but I have to actually go pick the skin first.

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