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no internet

Written Monday night Today has been pretty obnoxious - I haven’t had internet access all day. The Comcast people say they are working on it, but according to my mailbox, I haven’t gotten any mail since at least 9 this morning. sad That’s a long time for an internet crazed girl!!! I think that the worst part is that I use the internet continuously to verify things in everything else I do, even if its not something online. So I’m gonna write some posts in Zempt, and hopefully when I wake up, it will all be happy again. Stargate Monday was good tonight... I particularly enjoy the last episode that they showed. I didn’t really process this idea before, but the time travel episodes of my favorite shows are usually big favs of mine - this one, 1969, the Charmed from the other night where Paige went into the future, and of course, Buffy and Angels alternate realities in Doppelgangland, and the Pylea episodes. I think that when you watch the entire series of a show, learning more about the characters in an out-of-the-ordinary situation is appealing. Of course, this is probably why Fan Fiction is happy to me, too. I talked to my brother for about an hour on the phone this evening. Its fun. We are both talking about buying houses in the next year (well, for him, the next 3-6 months), and he’s learning a ton that will help us. He told me the scoop about what Matthew is up to (no good). Its hard to be hopeful that he’ll start being good when he’s going to a high school that is well known for its drug use and drop out rates. :/ Sure am missing my email, and blogs, and the MT forums , and my news reading, and everything. I won Spider Solitaire on the highest level again: 1128/172 moves.


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Do you have Comcast cable internet? Mine’s been down all day yesterday, and it was still down this morning when I left for work...I’ve got my fingers crossed that it’ll be back when I go home today.

I do have AIM on my cellphone...you know you’re desperate for internet access when you sit and type long IMs in on your teeny tiny cellphone pad. Ugh.

Comcast is EV-ELL... Like the fru-ets of the dev-eel. Hee hee! I hope you’re able to get your internet back asap.

miss you too! flowerflower

I wondered where the heck you went girlie. Glad to have you back. smile

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