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disney wrap up

Weekly Wrap-Up: #66 - Disney Movies Did you know how many Disney movies there are? A LOT!

  1. What was the first Disney movie you remember seeing? How did you like it? I would venture to say that some of the non-animated disney ones were first. Parent Trap, Shaggy Dog, Pollyanna and then a lot of the Wonderful World of Disney series (including reruns of "Walt Disney Presents" - Swamp Fox, Gallegher, and Johnny Tremain were all favorites whenever they came on). It wasn’t until later that I saw Snow White and Sleeping Beauty (I was a teenager by that time)
  2. What was your favorite Disney movie as a child? Why? I loved Parent Trap. I don’t know why that one stuck with me as a favorite, but it did. We watched Flight of the Navigator [disney] over and over and over and over, to the point that us kids still quote sayings from it and giggle. And for animated movies, Cinderella was a big favorite later on, as was Aladdin. Somehow, Disney’s cartoon movies just weren’t as much a part of my childhood as they were for others my age... we didn’t watch much TV until later on (which might explain my infatuation with it now wink ). Matthew, my little brother, watched The Lion King so many times when he was 2 or 3 that we could all recite the movie.
  3. What is your favorite Disney movie now? Why? The Toy Story movies. I love how they look, and the storylines are so laugh-able to me. I can’t help but giggle. They integrated a lot of objects that bring back memories (Etch-a-Sketch, barrel of Monkeys), and that helped solidify my connection with it. And who couldn’t love my friend the Alien Dude?!
  4. What Disney character(s) do you most identify with? Why? I don’t know, I think that I watch cartoons to get out of reality. But if I could pick a storyline character that has similiarities to me, I have to admit that Belle from Beauty and the Beast has some things in common with me, particularly her love of books and her love for her Father.
  5. Describe your ideas for the next Disney movie (animated or live-action). I really like period things, that have a specific era they fit with. Something along the lines of an animated pioneer girl like Laura Ingalls, singing about her love for her family, as she went through her chores and everyday trials... The time period for Samantha, the American girl, would make a nice era for a movie, too. (now Brandy , don’t be so surprised at my choices. wink hee hee!)

We did have a lot of records with short stories like Fox and the Hound (the See, Hear, and Read ones? That was my introduction to The Hobbit [ebay] and Fox and the Hound [ebay]). So I’d heard a lot of the stories way before I watched the movies.

This was a LOT of fun to write - I had a blast looking some of this stuff up. Thanks, Mariann, for coming up with great though provoking questions. smile


I love Alien Dude!! I had a keychain where I could squeeze him and his eyes popped out... I think I need to track down my .wav files from Toy Story now... Gosh, I love Toy Story. smile

Mariann always has great questions! I haven’t done any writing prompts in a while, but hers are always the best.

the love bug! thanks for reminding me of my first disney adventure!

I am so annoyed - I saw tonight that ABC (owned by Disney) is moving the Sunday night movie to Saturday! It’s a tradition at our house to watch the movie every Sunday over dinner - and now it will be gone!

I have a little "the claw is our master" looking down at me as I type...I love him, too!

I loved The Parent Trap. The new one is good too (with Lindsay Lohan, I believe), but the old one is best. I need to purchase that.

I used to have a little Alien Guy keychain too (like Zuly), except mine, his little antenna lit up when you squeezed him. I loved him to death. I keep him with my little curio stuff now. smile