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oh goodness. I have one of those headaches that only hurts when I move. They are icky and cruel because I don’t really notice until I’ve moved around for a few minutes, and then its a sharp pain. Owie. Lets see if this caffeine makes it better!

We tried to stay cool yesterday by going over to my parents house with the air conditioning. So I spent much of the day either getting ready to go over there or researching Peachtree crap for the business. Ugh, not something I really am excited about doing.

But the a/c was nice, and we ate pizza and watched The Rock, and Matthew showed me the Empire Earth game he was playing. And it was cool Did I mention how nice the a/c was? ;)

Today is cooler than the last few days, luckily!

I’m hungry - barely made it down the stairs to start dinner, but I decided I needed to make something. Pasta Bake is in the oven, and has 19 minutes and 13 seconds until I must go and put the cheese on it. I think I’ll go lay down for 19 minutes.


Girl, you have the oven on? Our oven is banned from existence until temps drop below 70 again. ;)

Pasta Bake sounds good though... any leftovers? ;)