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flag quiz

Quiz - True Colors: Do You Know Flags of the World?

As national symbols, flags often reveal interesting facts about the countries they represent. How well do you know the flags of the world? Take our quiz and find out if you are ready for the foreign service, or if you need to get out and see the world.

Wow, I got 10/11!!! I am really amazed, since its been a long time since I looked at flags. And I am kicking myself for missing Jamaica, duh, I shoulda know that one - I’ve watched Cool Runnings a lot of times, and the flag is all over it!

Anyhow, I credit my flag id skills to a game we played as kids - Take Off. It had all the flags around the areas, and I believe the original cards that were in the box had the flags on them and that’s how you figured out where to go. The picture on their site looks like they may have modified it some now.
seen in my email from a friends mailing list I’m on smile


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aww, feel better soon.

That was fun to take. smile I would have loved it Qatar was on that quiz.

Hee, I got them all - and mostly without reading the text! I only had to read it on Zimbabwe. I recognized Grenada right off, having been there in April. smile

Libya and Nepal are among my favorite flags in the world.

You’re so smart. smile

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