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blogs and rss

This is a great overview of Blogs and RSS. E-Learning - Blown Away by RSS Feeds & Blogs: July 25th, 2003

....in the absence of a book or a newspaper I turned on my laptop and opened up the Amphetadesk aggregator. Wow! For the next hour I lost myself in a smorgasbord of ideas, notes, and discoveries as I checked out the rich musings of the educational technology weblogs I had downloaded.

I feel this way every time I open my newsreader, truthfully. smile Its always so amazing to find so many wonderful things, all in one place, w/o having to go to each site and check out the news one site at a time.
[seen at Cogworks]


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Nice publicity for Amphetadesk, too, which is a nice little newsreader. It’s not my favorite - I still haven’t written my own, so I still don’t have a favorite! - but it’s got some good things going on.

(I couldn’t help noticing that the "E" in "E-Learning" got the "Eric - my one and only love" overlib tooltip! smile )

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