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momma hairdo

I just love the commercial they’ve been playing with the little girl doing her mom’s hair (the background song is "Mrs. Brown, you’ve got a lovely daughter...") It brings back memories, because I was that little curly haired girl who played with my mom’s hair over and over, and did silly things with it and then giggled. smile


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It is a pretty cute commercial. I still play with my mom’s hair, at least her haircolor. wink

Hi—just followed a comment link here from Kalsey—I like your page design a lot. I’m using the -moz rounded corners attribute on my site as well; my criterion was basically to make it (a) easy as hell to design and update through (what was I thinking?) diaryland, and (b) cool looking in modern browsers (esp. moz/firebird). The tradeoff is that I’m not willing to take the effort to make it anything other than a garbled, horrific mess in Netscape 4x. =)

What’s the commercial for? I don’t think I’ve seen it.

I recently helped my mother pick out a new haircolor to cover the gray...she liked the way it came out. smile

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