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dusty donavon with glasses

I’ve been seeing commercials for the new SciFi movie, Momentum, for a few weeks now, and from the first commercial, I saw some familiar eyes, and knew I had to see it. Grayson McCouch played the main character. He’s currently playing Dusty Donavan on As The World Turns, a very sexy role!!

For years, I’ve heard Rina talking about how much sexier the guys she has lusted after are sexier with glasses. Oh my. When I thought Grayson couldn’t be sexyier, tonight’s movie had him with glasses on. Oh goodness. Talk about sexy, in his school teacher sexy jeans and sweater with *glasses*? smile Very very very nice. smile


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Yeah, he was looking even hotter than I remember him looking on Another World! I may have to start watching ATWT just to get a more regular look at him. ha ha!

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