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apricot story

This post is to entertain Brandy, since I said I would tell the story in her comments.

Maybe I should tell the story of why I have to examine dried apricots before eating them . . .

When I was a little girl, 8 or 9ish, my family helped out at a self-supporting ministry in Ontario, Canada. We’d drive up there periodically, and my dad would help them with building projects and transport things from the self-supporting "commune" near our house (They didn’t call themselves a commune, but once I was old enough to know what a commune was, it fit the description. They were really religious people, who produced their own food, and lived very simply off the land.)

Anyhow, on several of these trips, my dad took us. We got to go over the Mackinaw bridge (which was the longest suspension bridge in the world at the time), and drive out into the boonies to stay in a cabin with no running water for however long it took.

They always ate very weird organic food. And because they thought it was better for you to have your larger meal at the beginning of the day, they had dinner in the morning, and breakfast foods for dinner-time.

One of the trips, they had a giant box of dried apricots (finally getting to my point!). We had been eating them with our meals and for snacks on several occasions before we looked at them closely. There were moving things inside of them!!!! Little worms or something. The whole box. sad I don’t remember what they did with them, but it made me not want to eat dried apricots for years afterwards.

So what got me thinking about this? I have a bag of dried fruit on my desk, and even though I do eat apricots now, I still tend to look at them closely before they go in my mouth.



That’s very similar to the moving coconut story I mentioned. My grandmother had bought some chocolate bars from Big Lots (a discount store) and the silly woman commented on the "moving coconut" without really thinking about it. I grabbed it out of her hand and saw that the candy bar had little larvae looking things all over it. Ick! And people wonder why I don’t like chocolate. wink