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pinkie swear

Woo! Big huge thanks and hugs to Anne for pointing me towards Sephora in my search for a bday present for Lisa. I was skimming through what they had, and saw a familiar thing: Pinkie Swear’s Diva Dust. It may not be exactly the same as the Eye Shimmer that GardenBotanika had, but its the exact same container! (see the left hand side in the picture of my makeup from November.)

Pinkie Swear is a really cool company, inspired by a girl and her parents who wanted to have wearable makeup that didn’t look too grownup. So its softer, and has cool names.

So I have it and another eye stick on its way from Sephora, and hopefully, it will be fairly similar to what Lisa wants. smile Yay!


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Hooray! I’m glad I was of some help...I don’t wear much makeup, but my sister’s Sephora-crazy, and she usually drags me into Sephora in the mall for a good half hour or so...an entire store, devoted to makeup. It is pretty cool, though!

And what a cute name, too! laughing

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