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asst news stuff

I’m considerably behind on my news reading. E went to sleep early because he had a headache, so I’m catching up with FeedDemon and some great music (a few favorites are highlighted throughout this news!).

Teens Lack Web Confidence

A new study has found that many teenagers don’t have proper searching and research skills online and find themselves frustrated when they can’t find what they’re looking for. [snip] The folks behind the study suggest that teens need to be taught these skills in school.

I think that’s a very good idea. A basic computer class that includes "Searching 101" in it as a Freshman would really go a long way to help with "Paper Writing 201" the next year (aka, all classes require paper writing). My siblings have had it too easy; when they can’t find something, they give up, or worse yet, I would bet they have just copied another source, changing some words, just from the conversations I’ve heard them have.
[via Techdirt]

Farscape Miniseries?

"A reliable source told IGN FilmForce this week that a 4-hour mini-series was currently being prepped for production by Henson. Set to lens in Australia, the home to the original series, the mini would be a continuation of the final episode and a possible wrap-up that would tie all of the dangling plot threads together."

Woo! I definitely think this is needed smile I can’t believe how they ended it!

[Listening to:K’s Choice - Intro (3:32)]

Eighth Season and Spin-Off Now Official For Stargate SG-1

Gateworld brings news that the July 26 issue of TV Guide will report on both an eighth season for Stargate SG-1 and a "scoop" on the underwater spin-off, Stargate Atlantis, planned for 2004. This is the first time Stargate has made it to the cover of TV Guide.

That’s great! Hopefully, the SG1 team will stay the same (Jack, Sam, Teal'c, and Daniel) for season 8. smile And check out the TV Guide cover - SEXY, sexy guys! (I can’t help it, I’ve loved Richard Dean Anderson since he was MacGuyver, and even more when I found out he had been on GH. laughing )

[Listening to:Jonatha Brooke - Lullaby (2:42) ::Steady Pull::]

Word of the Day - I hadn’t heard this one before:

syncretic \sin-KRET-ik; sing-\, adjective:

Uniting and blending together different systems, as of philosophy, morals, or religion.

Cool. I am syncretic. smile Not just one way, but a combination of a lot of different things. (sounds like this would have been a good word to use for my media blog instead of my made up word, collectics. laughing )

Angel Season 5 Promo Poster - much better copy than the one I linked to the other day. This isn’t folded or on ebay wink

[Listening to:Poe - Could’ve Gone Mad (5:21) ::Haunted::]
[Listening to:Meredith Brooks - What Would Happen (0:-1) ::Blurring the Edges::]
[Listening to:Beth Orton - Beth Orton - Stolen Car (Radio (4:01) ::::]

Painter Retreat

Want to learn how to turn your photographs into paintings? Then you might be interested in attending the Artistry Corel Painter 8 Retreat in Tacoma, WA.

Wow, that’s so cool. I love trying to turn images into paintings. This led me to another post about the release of Painter 8. I have *loved* having Painter 6, and then the trial of 7 was glorious. I can guess that Painter 8 will be even cooler because it allows better saving between Painter, Photoshop, and Illustrator. Right now, I fight with all of the different extensions and working back and forth. The interface looks to be quite a bit more Photoshop-esque, and 5/6 were kind of messy because there were so many palettes to drag around. Now of course, if I upgrade Painter, I’m gonna want a new Tablet. I’ve gotten my moneys worth many times over for this one, but the center is getting scraped up from so much use.


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I heard a little bit about Stargate Atlantis at the convention - more from the fan panelists than from Christopher Judge himself. The fans didn’t seem too keen on the idea, to be honest - I think that might be because it signals the show will be ending. (Then again, Buffy went on for a few seasons after Angel started!)

I’m only just starting to get into Stargate, myself. I’d seen bits of it before, but after the convention I realized it was something really worth checking out. I know I’m way behind, but it seems to be pretty well syndicated so I will have plenty of chances to catch up. smile tv

that poster of both our boys is hot!!! i can’t wait until Season 5 starts!!! i’ve been having major Spike withdrawal since May.

They airbrushed Spike just a little bit too much, but it’s still a great poster. smile

OK, I LOVE RDA and Michael Shanks. I have loved RDA since MacGyver! Stargate is my favorite show.. but there is one thing.. Where did the name Spike come from and I can only assume it refers to Michael...Sheesh, when you start to think you know everything about the man!...

ok, you guys were talking about spike from the angel promo pic! ooook so I guess we all know what happens when you assume..... I guess it’s true!

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