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busy virus catcher

My goodness, I’ve had at least 50 virus emails yesterday, and again today. My virus scanner has been so busy! I don’t understand it, why I am getting so many all of a sudden—and its not just from one email address, there’s been at least 20 different email addresses/subject combos. I wonder if something on my server changed, and it was catching them before.

Luckily, Norton Antivirus is being a good little program, and catching everything before it can do anything. Its just disconcerting to see so many!


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Yikes, that’s a lot! That’s one of the things I like about using webmail all the time - I’ve never worried about things like that.

Wow. That is quite a few. Pretty crazy. Thanks goodness for AV. smile

A yearly virus that is active from 7/23-7/31 started up again yesterday, which is probably the cause of your problems.

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