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I have felt like my brain is disconnected from my body all day. I’m not sure if I just tired myself out too much with all the activites yesterday or what, but I sure was exhausted all day. I took a lot of naps. And I still made time to do some stretches, because Megan said I’d hurt worse if I didn’t do a bit today.

Did you know that Rick Hearst (currently Ric on General Hospital) has been on 5 soaps? Days (as Scotty Banning), GL (as Alan-Michael Spaulding #2), Y&R, (as Matt Clark) B&B (as Whip Jones), and now GH. Plus several episodes of 90210, and I saw him as an evil demon on Charmed tonight. Hee hee...

I went grocery shopping while I was up late tonight - just finished. So I’ll finally be able to fill up the bare refrigerator! For a while, the checkout menu actually worked in Firebird, but not tonight. Too bad. I can do all my shopping with it, but when it gets to the checkout, it gets stuck submiting my info. Tomorrow between 1-3. Okay, I can do that smile Maybe I’ll even wipe down the fridge while its empty! smile

one of my sites is getting a new design because I was frustrated with the current. LOL! Of course, its not like I had time to do that, but I guess I must have needed the stress relief of the project. Besides, its only one evening; almost done and almost up. smile

good night smile


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I think it’s hilarious that I’ve seen Rick Hearst in just about everything he’s ever done. He has good taste in shows. wink I loved him as Scotty Banning. Scotty had a very sweet romance with a girl named Faith, and I loved seeing those two together.

It sounds like you went grocery shopping online - am I right? I’ve always wanted to do that! I know my local store offers it, but I can’t afford to do it, even though I vastly prefer shopping online to driving to the store, walking around, and lugging everything home.

Okay, speaking of designs...what on earth is going on at Swirled Spruce?! sad

Meredith, thanks for pointing that out! I had someone direct linking to the images in that set a while back, so I moved the files so that they’d get crap showing on their site instead. ha ha! Its all better again smile

You’re welcome! I figured it was something like that. It kind of blinded me, I was pretty shocked! They’re cool "don’t steal my images" graphics, though, even if the colors are a little jarring. luvya

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