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women and games

Game Makers Aren’t Chasing Women

"...a new Pew Project on the Internet and American Life report (PDF) indicates that as many college-age women as men are playing games. The contrast between the game-store scene and the report raises questions such as: What games are those women playing? Is the mainstream game industry serving them well?

For most analysts, male and female alike, the answer to the latter question is a pretty resounding "no." Observers say the industry isn’t exactly rushing to make PC and console games that appeal to both men and women, let alone women alone. That’s despite the massive success of games with crossover appeal, such as The Sims.

"There’s a lot we know about women that’s simply not being used by the publishing and gaming communities," said Brenda Laurel, a longtime game producer who was the driving force behind a failed girl-game startup, Purple Moon. "They don’t consider the female market in their measure of success, so they obdurately refuse to serve it."

Very interesting article about how game makers aren’t striving to make games with women in mind. Not that I don’t enjoy boy-centric games, a lot of what I play matches that description. But wouldn’t it be cool if somebody came out with some super cool games that were more geared towards women? Not just female characters, but things that fit a girl-playing-pattern/female-brain. smile


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I htink The Sims is as much "female targeted" as "male" if not more so... that’s the only one that comes immediately to mind though.

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