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this or that

I ♥ this-or-that!. Somehow, I visited the site from Lisa ’s, and she did last week’s version, so I guess I did too! laughing

  • Strawberries or blueberries? I like berries smile When I was little and growing up in Michigan, mom would make us pick blueberries for hours and hours. Then we’d freeze them and it was a treat to have a bowl with frozen blueberries and milk on top... the milk freezes when it hits the blueberries, and its delicious!
  • "Legally Blonde 2" or "Terminator 3"? Although I like action movies as a general rule over drama, I like Reese, and loved LB the first one. So I’ll go with that. smile
  • Hamburgers or hot dogs? Hamburgers. Yumm, fresh off the grill with ketchup!!
  • Boating or hiking? I’m not big on either. I guess riding on a boat would be funner to me than hiking.
  • Suntan lotion or sunblock? Sunblock. I have white white skin. So I must protect it. :giggle:
  • "Big Brother" or "The Amazing Race"? neither. I know that Christine loves TAR, so if I had to turn one on, I’d do that thinking of her smile
  • Beach Boys or Jimmy Buffett? Beach Boys, I suppose. smile
  • Grow your own produce or buy from supermarket/greengrocer/farm stand? I was definitely was part of family gardens for many years. But now, I’m only a purchaser.
  • Drive with car windows/top down, or with air-conditioning on? windows down, even though it messes with my hair!
  • Go away for vacation, or stay at home? I’m a homebody, but a trip away every once in a while is nice. flower


I am addicted to the a/c, i need it on even when i’m not hot smile hehe

Yeah, I like last week’s questions better and I hadn’t do it so that’s what I did! smile