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buy more cds

This is very true for me...

Here is yet another study saying that people using file sharing systems to find out about new music tend to buy more CDs than before they used file sharing systems. There have been other studies saying the same thing, but, like all the others, the RIAA will continue to ignore the results. You would think that, in the interest of helping the companies they represent, that they would be interested in the actual impact of file sharing, and not just their own simplistic (jumped-to) conclusions.

I’ve purchased more music because downloading stuff has opened me up to not only new artists, but new genres as well. It makes me want the own the CD for the better quality and to get the whole array of songs instead of just the ones I can happen to find on a P2P. Some of the less popular songs turn out to be my favorites, and those aren’t as frequently traded online, so buying the CD is the best way to hear it all. So apparently, this is unbelievable to the RIAA. They need to put their thinking caps on and realize that there are different ways to think about situations!
[via Techdirt]


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*sigh* It ate my post but kept my "remember me" info. Ok, again from the top...

I totally agree. I’ve bought CDs that I would have otherwise skipped, thanks to the filesharing system. I wish they could just embrace it.

I think that’s having to much fait in RIAA, but I agree with you. I’ve discovered so many new artists that I’d never found any other way. Not to speak about some of the stuff you cannot got on CD or the old fashioned records anymore, because the artist/song was either too obscure, the label has gone out of business or no one has thought of releasing it on CD or want to release it for whatever reason.

I couldn’t agree more. smile

Same here. Especially with regard to genres and artists that don’t get much radio/video play.

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