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toppenish filter

Library Porn Filter Blocks Entire City

... it turns out that one such popular filter is completely blocking any website that mentions the name of the town Toppenish, which I gather is a town somewhere in the state of Washington. This even occurs in libraries located near the town. To be honest, it took me a really long time to figure out what was wrong with "Toppenish" until I realized what the 4th through 8th letters were.

ROTFL! Okay, ya know, my family business has been selling pet products/horse tack to 2 stores in Toppenish for YEARS, and I never noticed the 4th-8th letters. :giggle: I have a feeling that porn filters are gonna have to get smarter to handle this type of thing.
[via Techdirt]


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So much for people studying Biology, too, I guess. ha ha!

That’s not even what I thought of when I saw it...I thought it was too close to "toppish" and I thought it strange that sexual dominance was getting into it! Okay, I’ll take my perverted mind elsewhere now.... confused

It took me a second to figure it out too. I kept looking for bee double-o b or three x’s together. I finally figured it out. ;) I is smart.

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