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pc cancelled

What sad news... Port Charles Cancelled. Will air its last episode in October, but all of the episodes have been taped already before finding out the news of its cancellation.

Now, I admit, I haven’t watched it much over the last few years until the last month or so, but I watched it starting with its first day on air (June of 1997, I believe), and continued for several years after that. There aren’t many soaps out there that you can say that about (Guiding Light has been on since 1952, for example! And many of the others are more than 25years old.)

So its the historical value that I’m sad about loosing. The original storyline was about 7 interns at the hospital. Matt, Joe, Karen, Julie, Eve, Jake, and Chris, and Ellen was their supervisor. Frank was Joe’s brother, so he was around a lot, too. Kevin, Lucy, and Scott came over from General Hospital. It was a good start, and from the first episode, I was curious about what would happen. Now, Chris is the only intern out of the group left (or as far as I know). The crazy vampire storylines are a bit off the way, and very far away from the original storys, but still fun.


I watched the first episode as well, but I haven’t seen much of it since then. I have a thing for vampires, so I liked the episodes I saw that dealt with that even though they were a bit cheesy. I don’t watch a lot of TV during the day though so I’m not a regular viewer of any soaps right now.

The soap that I have a problem with when they go into the paranormal is Days of our Lives. They don’t spread the cheese around over there. One moment it’s supposed to be dramatic, and then the next they’re showing a demon-possessed Marlena with glowing green eyes or a pair of genetically engineered twins from outer space. If a soap is just going to be wacky and embraces that, then I kind of like it for the giggle factor. smile

I enjoyed "Port Charles" at the beginning. It started to loose its appeal to me when "Julie" became a murderer. I would watch occationally (when not at work) until I found out that "Eve" died. That death pretty much did the show in for me. However, it’s still sad to see it was cancelled.

Well, I for one am going to miss it.

I remember the first day, too - it was the day of the Wally Kurth concert! I haven’t watched in awhile, but it’s still sad.

I’d love Kevin and Lucy back on GH, but I think there are too many inconsistancies now.

Also, you know, GL debuted on TV in the 50s, but has been on since the 30s! Neat, huh?