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My desktop was getting pretty full! Plus, I had a giant zip file from Digital Graphic Labs with an archive of all of their fonts that I’d been needing to go through. And FontGarden updated in the last months, so that found me a pile of old fonts in V, W, X, Y, and Z. And besides, I wanted to play with fonts tonight instead of doing anything I’m supposed to be working on wink In the if-I-had-an-extra-$49 category, the Most Popular Collection from Typadelic would be what I would buy smile What a beautiful collection! hmmm, maybe some more promoting of blogstyles will help. laughing I realize that I used to be completely obsessed with Sans-serif fonts, but now, I am so attracted to a good Serif font. How odd is that?! I refound Witchcraft tonight. I love that font, and I particularly love the design I created with it at GilliAngels (no longer active). Also Wibble, which I used on the NWAngels page. And Warren, which I know I used in that same era. Core has some of their classic fonts up in packs, and those were fun to look through. A new-to-me designer site was Norfok, and I snatched a few of his movie-inspired fonts.


Curly Girly

  • Vassallo Regular - Jeff Vorzimmer [seen at FontGarden
  • Valia Truelight - BLAHfonts (Minna Kim) [seen at FontGarden]


  • Witzworx Regular - Ron Evry [seen at FontGarden]


50s Diner


Black Letter




Pixel fonts



Sans Serif





  • Patterns and Dots - looks like patterns I used to draw all over my class notes!
  • Fanzine [DigitalGraphicLabs] - would work nicely for a ransom note!
  • Gunmetal Regular [DigitalGraphicLabs]



For more font stuff, check out Fonts:Organized. smile


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OMG Typadelic is beautiful!

I adore Witchcraft, man. It’s still my AIM font!

And geez, GIlliangels. I miss that group, man. Well, what we did, more than the people or negative feelings. People seem interested in starting it up again, but over at nsync, so maybe I’ll be doing it once again. LOL Heaven knows we have the poptab project down pat.

Hey, quick question - how do you reformat a drive? Time to give my baby to Josh!

Miss you, sweetie. {{HUGS}}

Oh wow, what a list! You rock! heart

The past year or so I’ve really been digging Adobe Jenson designed by Robert Slimbach—especially in its OpenType incarnation. Another serif face I really like is Warnock (again, OpenType). I’m a long-time Garamond lover, and I really dig Adobe Jenson and Warnock.

Darn you woman!! I was trying to be productive! Now I’m relegated to looking at all these sexay fonts! I’m going to have to find a good time wasting game to pay you back for this... mwahahaha ;)