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feed demon beta

Woo! The beta of FeedDemon has been released! In case you haven’t seen me talking about it yet, its a newsreader created by Nick Bradbury. Yes, the Nick Bradbury of bradsoft.com, who created TopStyle. smile

More on this (from alpha testing) from Shirley.

This feed reader looks absolutely terrific, and I’m definitely gonna start using it instead of my current program. I really like how it looks, and and how it organizes things. Its even got tabbed browsing for your feeds. I think once I figure it out, I’m really gonna like the news bin, which you can drag feeds to for reminders on what you want to blog/re-read. The Newspaper option seems much nicer than any other newreader I’ve tried (I’ve never actually liked this feature in any of the others enough to use it regularly). I like that it uses OPML to save the newsgroups - I’ve been wanting to play with the blogroll plugin. I like how the feeds are broken up into listings and channels - a listing is a group of feeds, and a channel is a feed. And I haven’t even played with the Watches yet, I think that will be darn cool! So yeah, you might check it out, if you feel like beta testing. I’ll be sure to mention it again when it comes out for release.

Note to self: post to beta newsgroup - autodiscovery for .xml feeds? drag link to xml feed into current listsing box? open tabs in background? scrollbars scrolling at the same time instead of just focused.


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Ooh, thanks for mentioning it! I’ve been using NewzCrawler at your recommendation, but I’m looking forward to giving this a try.

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