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browser stuff

I’ve been watching information unfold in the browser world after MS announced they would be discontinuing the standalone (free) versions of their browsers. So I was pretty interested to read mezzoblue, where Dave Shea is encouraging the idea of Mozilla/Opera/Safari Enhancement, or MOSe for short. The same author is the creator of the CSS Zen Garden (which I’ve been wanting to submit a design to for a while) is a great example of how CSS can be used in ways other than the traditional. I look forward to reading more ideas about MOSe as others play more with the selectors that IE doesn’t support.

I’d love it if someone would make a Safari emulator for Windows so I could test my pages with its rendering engine. Its so hard to troubleshoot w/o having the browser to test in.

Meta Filter also mentioned that WaSP is suggesting that MS should fix the current bugs.

All very interesting stuff, IMO!


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Now that’s a great idea. In order for Safari to really prosper, there needs to be a way for Windows users to make sure their pages look great in it. I doubt that Apple will be developing a version for Windows, so an emulator is the next best thing.

If you want to send me some URLs I can do some Safari testing for you. I’m on most evenings, so it won’t be the fastest turn around time. I had been playing around with Safari, but now that it works for all but 2 pages I visit regulary, it’s become my default browser.
I love my G4 - courtesy of milbertus!

Just FYI, if you have a Linux box somewhere you can use the KHTML rendering engine (used in Safari) via the Konqueror desktop. As well, KHTML is Open Source so anyone who cares to could port it to Windows and folks could test against a Safari work-alike without OS X (in addition to having a speedy browser).

Maybe it’s time for me to learn C++....

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