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eminem dangling baby

Eminem’s entertaining enactment

Rap provocateur Eminem delighted photographers in Scotland by dangling a doll over a balcony railing at his hotel. The American rapper wore a surgical mask over his face in an obvious swipe at Michael Jackson, who dangled his baby, Prince Michael II, over a balcony rail in Berlin in November.

ROTFL! Okay, that’s really funny. Not too many people could do that and be funny, but I bet he was. laughing


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what a riot laughing

Eminem is HOTT there’s no denying it but i can’t believe he did that he’s jst trying to get attention and were giving it to him it was cruel to copy Michael Jackson and make fun of his plastic surgery i think Eminem is a tryhard and should seriously find something better to do than dangle dolls over balcony rallings ......-Joanna

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