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mailbox surprise

I made it to the mailbox today. And I had a note in it saying I had 2 packages in the office. I stood there for a minute, debating about making the walk to the office... its about twice as far as the mailbox walk. But TWO packages... I couldn’t contain my excitement :giggle:

I got a bunch of fun surprises! I was sitting here giggling out loud for 10 minutes while opening them. Hee! smile I like packages, and surprise ones are even more fun! smile

Sore legs, but happy smile. laughing


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Yay for fun packages! flowerprheart

I’m looking forward to the package I should be getting from Amazon tomorrow. Yay for Harry Potter! laughing

Hi again, I love suprises too!!! I even like getting letters!!! Even if there from colleges that got my info from the PSAT questionaire!!!!Enjoy your suprises!!!!! See yeah!!!!!

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