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For some reason, I’ve felt a bit anxious today. As I do things on my computer, I have this "hurry up, hurry up" going through my brain, and I have had to tell myself to slow down quite a few times to counteract it. I don’t know why some days are like this, and others are smoother even when I have a lot to do. My increasingly odd sleep schedule is probably contributing.

The fog around my head lifts for a while, and then today it has settled in to keep me feeling off. What will I feel like tomorrow? Ahhh, if I could predict it, I would be entirely amazing!

Also... how is it that I am so involved in helping the blogging community as a whole, but I don’t have time to blog?!!! Seems a bit ironic, doesn’t it? I really look forward to the day when I have time to make it through my blogs without getting so sidetracked into other responsiblities, and can start making silly bloggy notes instead of the briefness I’ve had lately! smile


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That’s why you’re so cool and wonderful. You’re always willing to help someone else. wink

pretty much i agree with carla! lollypop i do the same thing, i feel like i am in a total rush and i never get the things i was to get done with my work on my computer before i get really sick and tired of sitting here and have to take a break. it can be extremely frustrating. take some deep breaths k.

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