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close to time!

Another update...

Sarah got an epidural around 1ish, and before that did some walking. She’s been dialated around 4cm (10 is birth dialation) for most of the afternoon, and about an hour ago, they gave her something to help make the contractions stronger. That put her at 6cm. They broke her water sometime during the afternoon, too. So we are pretty sure to see a baby before the end of the evening!!!! smile

I’m hoping to make it to the hospital to see her, if its not too late when she’s born smile


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Yay! Let us know how it goes. laughing

Sounds like maybe that they gave her Pitocin. That’ll make her dialate in no time. How exciting though!! Congratulations to the family smile

Yep, Gina, I’m pretty sure that’s the one Leonard said! smile I knew it was a P, but didn’t remember after gettnig off the phone laughing

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