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Leah coming??

Leonard and Sarah are at the hospital; Sarah’s been having regular contractions since 2am! They aren’t getting any less or any more frequent, and they said they’d normally send her home without the progress at this point, but since she’s 6 days overdue, they are keeping them there... Sounds like they are having her walk around and do things like that to get things going, and the doctor they really like is on call today, so that’s a happy thing.

My sisters are keeping me posted, and I’m so excited that the whole bloggy world can know these updates too ;)


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yeah! that is wonderfull exciting. keep us posted! smile

Ooooo, early congrats! Babies are so cute... lollypop

Oooh... how exciting. Babies being born are a thrill even when you don’t know the mom! heart

how very exciting indeed!! star

i’m late to this - but i just realized the Leah is a combination of Leonard and Sarah! i’m sure you even blogged about this when they chose a name.

congrats to the new mommy and daddy!!!

Kathy, isn’t that cool? They actually picked the name and then realized that it was part of both of their names! They just knew they wanted a name that fit well with Marie for a middle name (Sarah’s middle name), and Leah Marie fit smile

Now we just have to hope that it really is Leah because otherwise, little Leonard IV will have a lot of pink clothes ;) hee hee.

i just read your other post and congrats on the baby girl!!! so Leah it is! wink

i just read your other post and congrats on the baby girl!!! so Leah it is! wink

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