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busy busy girl

Between being more sick the last few days and several projects I’m working on, I’ve been very un-bloggy! I miss it, but know that I’ll get back to my place in the blogosphere soon smile

One of the things I’m working on is the Plugin Manager. Its gonna be way cool! :sunshine:

There’s several stylesheets open to add to Blogstyles and several clients waiting for customization. And a bunch of people asking questions in my mailbox.

And other stuff. I’m just a busy girl! smile


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Busy = good!

Means you’re not dead!

Hope you’re feelin' great by the weekend!

Did you get my e-mail about someone else wanting one customized? Let me know if you have time - right now he’s hanging in limbo! It is such a great idea - glad you thought of it!

you are a busy girl! holey moley. happy plugging in! smile i am at a coffee shop on wireless. i am a happy girl!

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