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hiya. smile

I’m feeling a bit better. My tummy is still upset, but I got some extra rest this morning after I wrote that long post.

Working slowly on various projects, alternating with the couch to watch soaps. Does somebody want to come and motivate me to clean up the floor in here? Moving the chair is getting hard with all the papers all over. laughing I suppose I’ll need to take care of that smile


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Cleaning up the floor? Oh that’s no fun.
Rest up & I hope you feel better soon! flower

Glad you’re feeling better. If you happen to find any of that motivation, send some my way. wink

By the way...

Tag...you’re it!!

PS If the above image link doesn’t work...go to http://blog.wxgalsworld.com/archives/000136.php 'cuz you’ve been tagged. luvya

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