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poor trees

I woke up to this loud noise about 20 minutes ago, and couldn’t tell what it was, but it was louder than the lawmowers, and its not Thursday anyhow.

So I got out of bed and went to the window. There’s a group of guys outside chopping apart a BEAUTIFUL tree across the way from me... this is the view outside my main upstairs window over the last few years at different times.

blue skiesrainingrock outsideredredleaves

Yep, that tree is all chopped up now. I feel a bit like Phoebe in the Friends episode where they "killed" the ugly Christmas trees in the chipper.

And then, they started to cut down the tree next to it!!! Ack.

tree downtree chippertree one downtree orange line

I’ve been wondering what was going on ever since they spray painted an orange line on the curb at the end of last week. That was worrysome, and now I see why!

So that’s my morning so far. Poor trees sad


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awwwwww!!! sun

Ditto that "Awwww". I hate it when that stuff happens too. We have two beautiful trees outside our balcony and it would be horrible if they were cut down.


(That’s a great Friends ep by the way...)

Ugh! Those murderers! That just sucks. sad

I even get sad when I see a tree being too heavily trimmed. Trees are meant to be bushy and provide a lot of shade! And as long as the tree isn’t pressing against a building or messing up power lines, what should it matter?

I guess that makes me an official tree hugger ;)

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