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valid and styles and stuff

I feel better now. I got more done in the last few hours than I did all day.

I did some editing to my music sidebar so that it is XHTML valid again (I’ll update the tutorial tomorrow). I updated Blogstyles with some new stylesheets. Answered a pile of MT forums questions.

And watched stargate, stargate, stargate, stargate smile (yes, that’s 4 in a row, for those of you not in the Kristine-talk brainwave laughing )


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I’d be so happy if I could watch StarGate, Farscape, ST TNG, ST DS9, ST Voyager or Enterprise anytime (well, probably need to thow in a little Trading Spaces here and there)

My boyfriend’s roommate is a Stargate junkie, and I’ve seen it more times than I can ever count smile.

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