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lisa trouble 2

I got to call my family and found out that Lisa is okay. She but claimed innocence to knowing what her boyfriend was doing when he was taking something out of a car. Sounded like her boyfriend is in jail. The police were guessing that the car they were driving was stolen (mine), and then later on this morning, after mom and dad picked her up at the police station around 3, they came and searched the car.

so she’s okay; I don’t know what will hapen next. But at least she’s okay.

I slept for the last two and a half hours while E is at work for a little while. I feel a bit better and less worried, for what its worth.

Thank you all for your good thoughts while I waited to find out. It was much appreciated!


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sounds like maybe the boyfriend could be bad news. hope this is a wake up call for her. Spending time in a police station couldn’t be pleasant. glad she is ok tho.

i am really glad that she is doing ok. i am glad that you got some sleep too. i hope that things get more sorted out soon. how awful to have to be involved in all of this.

yikes, sorry I missed all this hon!! I’m glad to hear she is ok and I’m glad you got some sleep and ar less worried, etc. HUGS! rainbow

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