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lisa trouble?

At 2:30 this morning, we woke up to banging and knocking and doorbell ringing. The cops came and needed to know if Lisa was supposed to be driving my car or if it was stolen. She was in some kinda trouble with the camas police, and they had our police check it out. :sigh: I have no idea what Lisa’s in trouble for, but it was hard to fall back alseep, and even then I got back up a little bit ago. My tummy is in knots because I’m worried about what she could have done and why she was still out at 2AM. :sigh:

I’m gonna sit here and breathe for a little while before attempting to sleep again.


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oh boy... i hope everything is okay! confused *hugs*

I can imagine how stressful that kind of wakeup call would be! I hope it all turns out ok. luvyaheart I’ll be thinking of you today.

oh yikes. i hope everything is ok. hopefully she just got pulled over for speeding or something silly. they probably checked the title, saw it wasn’t her name and questioned you. bummer that they had to show up in the middle of the night though. seems to me they could have just called you.

Wow, scary, Kristine! I hope everything is okay...

Yikes! I hope everything turns out ok. Remeber to take care of yourself no matter what happens!

I hope everything is ok! *hugs*

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