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wanna jones soda

I think I want a Jones Soda now....

Checking out my referrals, I found this page: Jones Soda Blogs

I’ve loooked longingly at the shelf where the Sodas sit because they are such pretty colors. cherries Now I think I’ll have to try one to thank them for the link wink


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Jones Soda is great. Their labels are so fun, too.

Oh, I heart Jones Soda! I used to get it all the time when I lived in Boston. They had it at the Store 24 right around the corner from my apt. But now the closest place to get it is in Long Island. And that’s not that close!

At least here in Vancouver, Jones Soda is as common as Pepsi in the stores...I’m not sure if it’s that way all around Canada, but Jones Soda is a Canadian brand (I’m fairly positive anyway, hehe)

I have yet to find one I like. I’ve tried one or two (I think I tried the blue one), but they’re all too strong and funky. I wonder if they even have them in Michigan? hmm...

Well, if you find a good one, let us know.

I just discovered Jones soda today. I really like it. It is definately different and I admit I was a sucker for the cool photo labeling.

Ok - I admit it...I WANT the Turkey Soda set. I REALLY want it. But where can I get is here in Boston? I called all the Panera’s and although they have Jones...they don’t have the holiday flavors. PLEASE HELP.

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