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ty talks designers

Ty Dishes 'Trading Spaces' Designers

As one of two regular carpenters on TLC’s Saturday-night home-redecorating cult hit "Trading Spaces," Ty Pennington has a reputation for wisecracks and comedy antics, along with being the show’s acknowledged pinup boy.

ROTFL, some of his comments are hilarious!!! If you’ve watched the show, this is a must read, you’ll laugh! smile


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What a hoot! Gotta love that Ty. Thanks for the link!smile

Funny about Kia... lol... no comment. Sums it up for me, she killed it the moment she made that bed look like a grave!

I wanted him to talk about genevieve... I think he’s in love with her. LOL

I think Vern has the hots for Paige too. tounge out Fun!

i have the hots for Ty! oh dear do I have the hots for T!y! heart

I need an 18x20 of that Ty photo at the top of the page. I’ll be back in five.. wink

I need an 18x20 of that Ty photo at the top of the page. I’ll be back in five.. wink

Wow. I never knew Ty was so hot! No wonder all you girls watch Trading Spaces. I’m going to have to find it now and put a reminder, so I don’t miss it. wink

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