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a few good plugins

I haven’t been pointing out some of the new plugins over here, well, because I figure if you really want to know about them, you are on the notify list wink But I’ll make an exception, because these two really caught my eye... the new BookQueue actually has a program that works along with MT for you to make a Queue of books you have in process or have read. Its a really cool idea, and I’m pretty sure I’m gonna implement it into :collectics: but for now, you can see it in action here. It integrates with MTAmazon for the output. Pretty cool for anybody with more than one book on their nightstand wink And plus, if you have a book-blog, you can entry the entry id of your review and it will use that to give a link to that entry. Pretty cool!

And then, if you have spent any time at all in forums, you realize that you get used to the way that particular format writes links and text formatting commands. For quite a few of them, they use square brackets like [b] and [url=http://kadyellebee.com]kadyellebee[/url] type formatting. Since I spend so much time on the MT forums I gave up on making my hands leave the keyboard to press a shortcut key and type the square bracketed codes all the time. When I’m on my site now, I have a habit of trying to type the links that way, too! So Crys has a smart solution - a Text Formatting plugin called QuickCode that you can select from the entry screen. I have a feeling this will be the text formatting plugin that I will give up having formatbreaks for (it has to have convert_breaks turned off to work, and then the text formatting plugins don’t work on the entries)!



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This is completely off the subject, although I do like the concept behind the BookQueue. Anyway, I wanted to stop by mainly because I was in disbelief to see that your domain had not been reindexed by Blogshares in the last 24 hours considering it showed up as an outgoing link on MT.

It’s been taken care of , now expect your stock to soar in the next 24 hours!

I’m loving BookQueue! I’ve been using it since the first day you sent out a plugins update mentioning it. smile

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