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stuff and things

I played with candles and crayons for a bit of the afternoon while I watched soaps. I had loads of fun, although the end result isn’t quite how I want it to be yet. Its kinda 2nd-grade-ish laughing I’ll play more and maybe get it more to my liking.

I’m taping the Daytime Emmys right now smile Looking forward to watching them, and trying to stay away from soap news until then—West coasters tend to get spoiled too easily on award shows!

I made Pasta Bake for dinner, and Apple Crisp. If you haven’t been introduced to the easyness of Pasta Bake, you should check it out—its in the Spaghetti Sauce section, and it takes only a few minutes of prep to go in the oven, and then a few more to add cheese on top. And its really yummy to boot!

My leg has been SUPER bouncy this evening. I’m sitting here wondering what I did to cause it to do that, but periodically, it just gets that way.

I did a variety of edits and additions on mt-plugins for a while this evening. That usually means I have about 20 tabs open on my browser to research and check and enter things in the bug checker and check for file locations and stuff. smile Its nice to have it all up to date for the moment; that changes quickly these days, but its all caught up for now!

I didn’t really attack my email or finish my Blogstyles stuff up today. My day kinda disappeared. But its the weekend, and tomorrow is a new day to do more fun coding, this time with E next to me or behind me playing games all day :giggle: He’s so cute, and way helpful, too, when he’s not trying to kiss my neck. wink

I do believe I’m gonna go lay in bed and read for a little while. I didn’t get to do that for very long this morning, as Leonard called about 10 minutes into my nap/rest time. Have I mentioned lately how happy I am to be reading regularly again? I really missed it over the last few years when I just didn’t take the time to do it.


Playing with crayons sounds like fun. wink

I have bouncy legs too. It drives my mom bonkers. She always asks me if I have to pee because she thinks I’m acting anxious. laughing They just do it on their own. wink