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sicky girl

Oh. Now I understand all the odd temperatures yesterday and the super sore lymph nodes since friday. I’m getting a cold. Shesh, I didn’t even see that coming. I haven’t had a cold really since I’ve been more sick at home. So I always feel achy like I did with previous cold symtoms; that’s just the CFIDS. But I haven’t experienced a cold on TOP of that until now. Ugh. My body feels like it does when I’ve had a really bad day of doing too much. Plus my throat is sore and my head is stuffy.

I called my mom and told her I wasn’t gonna make it to lunch over there, and went and took another nap.

If you don’t see me much today, don’t worry too much, I just don’t think my back is gonna let me sit up for long!


*hugs and healthy thoughts to you* prheart

Get well soon! prheart

I hope you’re feeling better soon! Take care of yourself. luvyaheart